The Start of Something Iconic

How many times have you walked into a hair salon with an idea and left with something that didn’t feel quite right? At Glyph Salon, we’re here to put an end to that. Because here, we put your vision first. Through in-depth consultation we get to know each and every client and give them a style that’s all their own and exactly what they’re looking for.

Jean Marc Durante and Reynald Ricard are bringing over 30 years of experience to this new venture, partnering with Equinox Gyms to create a self-care powerhouse. Not only will the salon cater to Equinox members, but the surrounding community as well, inviting everyone to come make their mark.

With all that experience in the salon industry—and two successful salons later—you can bet that Jean Marc and Reynald have learned a lot along the way. Firstly, they know how to spot talent. And they’re bringing the best of the best to Glyph Salons. Secondly, they know how to build a beautiful salon—all salons will be designed with function and elegance in mind. Combine the two and what do you get? An upscale experience with down to earth service.

Glyph is here to revolutionize the salon experience. And it all starts with you—your style, your thoughts, your ideas. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll use our experience to make it happen.