Glyph: Conveying iconic beauty, without uttering a word.

How did our story start?

One could say that the creation of Glyph was written on the wall long before it ever came to be. Two French born stylists, Reynald Ricard and Jean Marc Durante, joined forces many years ago to bring revolutionary hair to the Miami and New York Markets at Red Market Salon. After 30 years of experience, multiple salon openings, a team of top stylists, and thousands of hours devoted to the craft, this dynamic duo was ready for the next evolution: Glyph Salons.

Glyph was born from the idea that every individual is complex and uniquely beautiful. Manifesting a client’s inner beauty into their outer physical form is the ultimate accomplishment for a beauty professional, and one we have devoted our careers to. We believe that everyone can be their own icon.

How do you define beauty? At Glyph salons, we define beauty however YOU define beauty. Whatever your aesthetic is, we are here for you. We will listen to you. We will talk with you. Your idea of beauty is what we will create for you.